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In getting lost I found My Self.

Nu exista lumina. Nici intuneric.

Sunt ambele simple notiuni. Realitatea din spate este dincolo de notiune, dincolo de denumire. Ea pur si simplu este.

They are both mere notions. The reality behind is beyond notion, beyond name. It simply IS.

Nimic nu e ucis fara scopul de a face loc vietii care se afla dincolo de crima.

Nothing is killed without the purpose of making room for the life that lies beyond the murder.

Initierea lupoaicei

Toate incepem fara a fi initiate in ale vietii. Dar exista o cheie pentru toata naivitatea noastra si distrugerea ce o urmeaza.

We all start uninitiated in life. But there is a key to all our naivety and distress that follows.