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Esti prea… dar nu destul!

It’s NEVER enough! Si daca nu ne-o spune nimeni, ne-o spunem singuri!!!
dar… CINE detine Criteriul?…

Vulturi si caluti salbatici

Wild like a horse, free like an eagle – Tu ce animal ai fi?

Tagged As My Own Deer!!!

Ever been tagged as a deer? what about YOUR OWN deer?? This is a WILD and FREE one…

Titanicul ne minte

Unde e adevarata viata? Pe puntea de sus sau pe puntea de jos?

What Happens In Vegas

“I would rather do nothing and be happy, than do something that I don’t love.”

Cum am nascut un subtitlu

De ce acest blog si cum am ‘nascut’ subtitlul lui.

Vand pui collie

Vand pui collie rough din parinti exceptionali, campioni nationali si internationali.

Un loc de vis

“You can dream about things, and they may not turn out – but you have to at least try”. Cu aceasta replica dintr-un film am inceput eu anul 2010. Si am adaugat de la mine: “and be open – you may receive something different, but nevertheless even more beautiful than what you imagined!” Si mi-am [...]